Sakura at Yasukuni Shrine

16 04 2012

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Tokyobling's Blog

After learning that the base point of all cherry blossom calculations in Tokyo are the trees at Yasukuni Shrine I just had to go down there and see how they were doing. Considering that they have been blooming for a week now and that we have had 24 hours of rain just a day ago, they are in pretty good shape still! Great news if you are just coming into Tokyo and have not had time to do any real flower watching so far. It is sad every year to see the petals fall like snow but it looks great when they cover the ground in a pinkish white carpet. The rivers of Tokyo are flowing with a thick layer of petals and I imagine that it must all wash out into the ocean somewhere in Tokyo Bay. I wonder if you could spot these rivers of petals from satellites…

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