2012: Year of Debuts

23 08 2012

Since I’ve been gone for some time, I wanna ammend it with this little post about something that has quite called my attention; new Kpop groups.

So far, I’ve seen way TOO MANY groups debuting, and not all of them are what I’d call “good”. Sure they all have their fans already, but in some cases, you can notice there’s no talent but pretty faces.

Since Kpop has started becoming more and more known around the world, it seemsto be the perfect chance for everyone to come to the light, but it’d be great if they did it with their own style. I dont know if it’s just me, but I’ve had these dejavu sensation, because it looks as if already well known groups are debuting again.

In my opinion, there are some promising groups, which I think will get to be as good as SHINee or SuJu , even tho we know that all those groups like SNSD, TVXQ, JYJ etc already have the world in their hands, and it’ll be very difficult for the newbies to catch up with them.



22 03 2012

I had never been so proud of being a shawol. Geez, I loved this; the coreography, the outfits, their new looks, the video itself; everything. Just perfect.

22 03 2012

I cried. I swear, this was beyond perfection. I dont mind having my eyes surrounded by dark shadows , it’s almost 6 am and I cant sleep of happiness and excitment.